Carol of the Old Ones

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Where will He appear next?

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed it, but if you look at the catalogue of Cthulhu statuettes, Number 57 has a face of Jesus on the side. And Number 56. And number 58.

Is there a message here? The obvious one would be, “Jesus loves Cthulhu.” Or is it just the mind’s natural ability to make patterns from clouds, terazzo, randomly piled cloth, and other disorderly input? I saw an image of Mr. Rogers in a salt stain on the subway stairs once. That’s gotta mean something!

DM of the Rings

This is a Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings parody: DM of the Rings.

What computers can swirl, computers can unswirl

Pictures on the Internet led to the arrest of a Canadian gay pedophile in Thailand. He or someone else posted pictures of him raping young boys, with his head digitally “swirled” so that the face was unrecognizable. Germany’s federal crimes office reversed the process (they won’t say exactly how) and Interpol released a picture of the culprit. He was recognized and a recent picture was added to the clues. Now, he has been arrested and it’s time to face the music. No more posting poems about how lonely street kids admire the reassuring “prowess” of the foreign visitor.

The suspect had been a seminary student. He was a teacher of English as a second language in Korea when the warrant was issued.

Men who are attracted to children of either sex tend to go where there are children. They might be youth group leaders, teachers, ministers. Men who are conflicted about their sexuality might turn to religion in their efforts to deal with the problem. They might become priests, especially the non-marrying kind. Please warn your children. If someone touches you, move away instantly. Say “No!” loudly. Say loud and clear that this is wrong and you’ll tell their boss and your family. Keep backing off. Leave. Do not be intimidated by authority. They’ll pick on someone else.

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