ERV: Dembski vs. ‘Masked Man’

William Dembski, a chief apologist for ID creationism, chose to make a speech denying the evolution of the bacterial flagellum at a university where at least one scientist has been studying the evolution of the bacterial flagellum for thirty years. That scientist rose during the question period and offered to explain it to Dembski. Read about it in ERV’s article, “Dembski vs. Masked Man.” She points out that Dembski’s response proves that Dembskiists are also creationists.

Bromopyruvic acid for advanced cancers

I know that this is only a Wikipedia link, but it links to some supporting evidence and it’s succinct and I’m in a hurry. A simple chemical, bromopyruvic acid, appears to stop advanced cancers in their tracks by competing with lactic acid for the enzyme hexokinase II.

As the article points out, the acid can not be patented, so big drug companies will not conduct the human trials needed to get approval for its use as a medicine. This seems like a good candidate for government funding.

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