Tangled Bank #87 at Balancing Life

Hop on over to Balancing Life for the 87th Tangled Bank, a compendium of recent science writing on the Web.

Giant spider web

Giant Web of spider, that is… Millions of spiders in Texas have built an agglomerated web in a state park. There are spiders of different species both working on the Web. It’s several weeks old: it started out white but is now brown from accumulated dead insects.

Some damage from smoking is lifelong

A detailed genetic study shows that about 600 genes in the lung tissue are altered when we smoke, and about one-third eventually recover. The other two-thirds, I guess, account for the higher incidence of lung cancer in ex-smokers. Here’s a link to an article: “Some smoking damage is lifelong,” from the Edmonton Journal,

Greek fire update

About nine days after Greece’s wildfires broke out, now that the fires are mostly under control, Canada is thinking about sending some help.

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