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Mine is PG for “Parental Guidance” [is] suggested, because I said “ass” and “limbs”–in these comments on a book review:

“He does not have a hypothesis. He has a Wild-assed Guess.”


“… in the case of morphogenesis, we already know that limbs do not form by pinching off from a torus – they bud from the embryonic body. We also know quite a lot about how Hox genes help to guide formation of limbs by providing chemical gradients that informs cells of where they are in the body.”

Oddly enough, the rating mechanism ignored “The dog sired puppies on a single-nosed bitch.”

A voice of sanity

The Office of Science and Society is McGill University’s outreach to spread scientific literacy and deter the flood of hoaxers and scam artists who use bafflegab and pseudoscience to prey on a gullible public.

The director, professor Joe Schwarcz, demonstrates the phenomena exploited by hoaxers and explains the lack of science behind their claims.

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