Perseid meteor showers

It’s that time of year again. The Earth is passing through a cloud of particles, which show up as “shooting stars” that seem to come from the constellation Perseus. They are best seen from the northern hemisphere; and this year we are having a new moon, so they should show up well.


Double-nosed dog?

A BBC news article talks about a double-nosed dog “which is a rare breed of Andean Tiger Hound.” Does anyone else smell a spoof? South America doesn’t have tigers and all my Web-search references to “Andean Tiger Hound” point back to this one dog or its double-nosed mother.

I suspect that this is a birth defect or genetic deformity. The dog sired puppies on a single-nosed bitch. Three of the puppies were double-nosed; they died at a few days old. So it’s not a very viable condition. As a mutation this may have been seen before, but I wouldn’t call it a breed. It makes me feel as if my eyes aren’t quite in focus.

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