I’m back in Toronto

I was in the near north, Ontario’s cottage & canoe country, visiting relatives at Chocpaw Expeditions. (Here are some pictures from last year’s visit. On this visit, I found the other end of the Old Nipissing Road.) I helped with the dogs, shopped in North Bay, sewed, and went bargain-hunting at garage sales.

There was an Internet connection where I was staying, but Blogger would not let me log in: it never presented a login field. There was no way to make it present the Google Blogger login. Instead, it either told me to claim my blog and convert to Google; or would tell me to log in, but the login area was blank; or it would give me a DNS lookup error. It was very frustrating. I was busy enough not to follow it up. But perhaps I should look into transferring everything to Typepad.

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