Stockwell Day and the RCMP mess

In the Toronto Star, Andrew Mitrovica points out that shoving Stockwell Day into the Public Safety post where he couldn’t screw up day-to-day politics might have been a bad idea. It reminds me of the bank I once worked for, which put its incompetents into the Long-range Planning department where they could screw up high, wide, and handsome.

A religious and social conservative, Day is sure he’s always right and was a disaster for the former Alliance-Reform party, where he opened his mouth only to change feet.

I’m in Wisconsin

LotStreetWiz and I drove to Wisconsin over the last few days: first from Toronto to Sault Ste Marie and then from the Soo to Madison. We’ve seen a lot of wildlife (an unfortunate amount of it roadkill), lots of rocks, and innumerable trees. I wish I’d brought my tree book. Someone is house-sitting for us, so the cats are not alone.

Tomorrow and Sunday, LotStreetWiz will be out biking. I need to buy a new camera; then I’m thinking of going to the Geology Museum.

I’m wondering if there are any science-bloggers in the area.

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