Found in Pharyngula comments

I was reading the comments on Pharyngula, where the blog-fans were discussing an almost incoherent letter from a creationist, Jaycubed made this comment:

There is much admirable about the teachings of Eshoo/Yeshua (Jesus being a Greek pun). I have happily incorporated those ideas into my ethics & world view.

Another commenter demanded, “Please Explain.”

Jaycubed elaborated:

Jew Zeus. When early christians were proselytizing their religion to gentiles, the initial audience of converts were Greek (not Roman). The bible was translated to or written in Greek. Je(wish) Zeus was a simple concept that could be understood without difficulty, even by illiterate slaves.

I wonder if it’s true or just a macaronic folk etymology.


Cafe Scientifique in Toronto

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Genetically Modified Foods – Ingredients for feast or famine?

Saturday June 16, 2007, starting at 4 pm
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