Crazy weather

Yesterday, and for a few days before that, we had a premature taste of Toronto summer: it was hot, hazy, humid, and polluted. We had a heat alert before the end of May and several smog alert days. It was about 28 degrees C and felt like about 34, with what must have been 100% humidity. Finally, it went down to about 18 in the evening. By this morning, a whole other weather system had blown in. it was cool in the morning and the temperature dropped to 8 C in the afternoon. There was a cool, damp, raw wind from the east. It’s now 7 (45 F) and feels colder. Here’s the second half of that cooling trend:

The small image at the top shows the reason. A cold air mass from the North has pushed out a hot air mass from the South. The other weather we get is moderate, blowing straight from the West.

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