Waterproof music: what will they think of next

I must have been living under a rock. I didn’t know that you can buy an electronic gadget to wear that will play music in your ears while you swim. You can get one that loads MP3 files, so you can select your own playlist. They’re all over the place. They go by names such as “SwiMP3,” “aqua-pod,” “Surf Player,” and “Liquid Tunes.”

We were also discussing lap counters, which swimmers can use to keep track of how many times they have gone to the end of the pool and back. Here are some of the gadgets for wealthy swimmers. You can buy many different kinds of waterproof gadgets, from a floating in-pool radio to a waterproof GPS unit for those times when you’re lost at sea.


Currently Reading: The Miner’s Canary by Niles Eldredge

The Miner’s Canary by Niles Eldredge is a succinct explanation of the fitness landscape of biogeographical niches, why species diversify, and why they go extinct.

Signs of La Nina

Brett Anderson, a weather expert (and the expert on Canadian weather) at AccuWeather.com, lists the signs and symptoms of a coming La Nina season. La Nina is caused by lower than normal temperature of the sea surface in the Pacific Ocean during summer. And it affects weather all over the world.

Crazy weather

Yesterday, and for a few days before that, we had a premature taste of Toronto summer: it was hot, hazy, humid, and polluted. We had a heat alert before the end of May and several smog alert days. It was about 28 degrees C and felt like about 34, with what must have been 100% humidity. Finally, it went down to about 18 in the evening. By this morning, a whole other weather system had blown in. it was cool in the morning and the temperature dropped to 8 C in the afternoon. There was a cool, damp, raw wind from the east. It’s now 7 (45 F) and feels colder. Here’s the second half of that cooling trend:

The small image at the top shows the reason. A cold air mass from the North has pushed out a hot air mass from the South. The other weather we get is moderate, blowing straight from the West.

Cyclone Gonu storms up the Arabian Sea

Cyclone Gonu is strengthening and heading towards Oman.

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