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Oswald Avery, bacteriologist, at the Rockefeller Institute

LOL creationists: Michael Behe

“Who reduced my complexity?”
Speaking of reducing complexity, the talkdesign web site has a picture of a flagellum by scanning electron microscope. It looks more symmetrical and mechanical than any SEM image of a flagellum that I’ve ever seen. It looks like a chandelier or a candlestick. The figure caption explains: it’s a composite image and it has been “improved” by rotational averaging. In other words, while it looks like a scanning electron photomicrograph, it’s not.

At least that page, by N. M. Matzke, acknowledges that the image has been doctored. Other pages, such as this Icky site (scroll down about 5/6 of the page, averting your eyes from the bombardier beetle wheeze, to find the picture). It simply says that this is how the flagellum looks under an electron microscope. And that this device is a Molecular ENGINE (caps in original).

Here are some images of real flagella:

LOLcat builder

Oh noes! another Web addiction!

Now I’ll be re-purposing my uploaded blog pics into LOLcats:

I laughed out loud at the LOLcode book.

Images courtesy of LolCat Builder‘s cat macros. You can browse LolCat images here.

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