Three cats

Thanks to Cat Macros for the science-themed LOLcats and a hat-tip to Blake Stacey, OM, for pointing them out.

Tuesday, we took three cats to the vet for their annual innoculations. Science has benefited not only people, but also our pets. Forty years ago, it was rare to see a cat as old as fourteen. Distemper, a contagious and fatal virus, carried off many healthy cats and dogs. Now, our cats are innoculated against distemper, rabies (rare but inevitably fatal once symptoms develop), and Feline Leukemia Virus. And they regularly live into their mid-teens or even later.

They are all in good shape. Well, one of them is obese. And one of them is all fuzz. And one of them is rangy and hyperactive. But they are all healthy and the two active cats are in great shape, flexible, elastic, with great power-to-weight ratios and healthy fur. My son’s cat, especially, has beautiful fur because he feeds it expensive cat food instead of grocery-store brands. I can’t afford the expensive cat food because I’m subsidizing his rent.

Marlowe, the fuzzball, is elusive. We feed her tasty cat-food twice a day so that she doesn’t go off and move in with someone else.

Emily, the bowling ball, is massive. She makes the round from her rug to the food bowl, the porch to the food bowl, the tray to the food bowl. Everything is an occasion for eating. I’m instructed to get her to play more.

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