In praise of single mothers

If you want to be a mother, all I can say is, “Be prepared to be tired for the next five years.” Being a new mother is kind of like being a Moonie at training camp. You’re run ragged. I used to fall asleep if I sat down–in concerts for example. A burst of loud music would wake me up temporarily. And if you end up as a single mother, be prepared to be exhausted. So why is there so little difference between children of single mothers and children of “intact homes”? Bella DePaulo explores the reasons. There is a difference, but it’s small.

I’ll give you a hint: it depends on the nature of the “intact” home.

Here’s another conclusion that I love: the happiest children come from homes with three adults. So a menage a trois or a multi-generational home or three single mothers together can be good for children. Read Ms. DePaulo’s article for the details.

Visual-syntactic text formatting

Fellow technical writer Michael Barwick says:

When I found this, I thought of all my tech writing buddies. Here is an article about a new process, visual-syntactic text formatting (VSTF), that renders block-shaped text into cascading patterns that help readers identify grammatical structure:

Check it out. It could revolutionize how online text is presented.

Reading online with VSTF

The rationale for visual-synaptic text formatting is that the eye sees only a few words at a time and must jump along lines to read, with an extra effort not to lose track of which line you’re reading. So making a tall, narrow page might make sense.

Nutrition information online: President’s Choice

President’s Choice is a house brand of Loblaws grocery stores, and is named for their gourmand former president, Dave Nichols, who made quality his watchword, issuing a newsletter in which he extolled the flavours and virtues of his latest gustatory finds. He has moved on to other things, but it’s still a good brand. Just tonight we had a sinfully rich, buttery, cheesy, smoky pizza from the President’s Choice pantry. It was the Chicago-style chicken, bacon, and mushroom. Yummy. If they’re available to you, you might be interested in this online nutrition guide for President’s Choice foods.

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