Tony Auth explains the disappearance of bees

In Europe, where bees are dying away from their colonies, people call it Colony Collapse Disorder. In the U.S., bees are dying in the colonies, but the cause has yet to be determined.Tony Auth explains.

Evolution answers

This is a good summary of answers to criticisms of evolution.

The difference between Semmelweis and ID proponents

The evidence was on Semmelweis’s side. See the thread at Aetiology about “Semmelweis, Intelligent Design hero.” Semmelweis was a hero because he pointed out that childbed fever, the chief cause of death among women who gave birth in hospitals, was caused by doctors. He was a failure because he attacked anyone who disagreed with him with so much contempt that they spurned both him and his new idea.
P.S. I was going to mention Bill Dembski but couldn’t mention him in the same sentence as that of a genuine doctor, scientist, and benefactor of humankind. Just remember: Being persecuted does not make you Giordano Bruno.

Go ask Alice

From Brian C. Gray at Information Overload, here’s a quick note, “Girls ask Alice for programming skills.”

Alice is an open source program to create 3D computer animations. Due to its ease of use, it is being used to target future programmers, especially minorities and woman that make up the smaller percentages of the field.

Left-handed Mousterian hand axe

As I was browsing through images of Mousterian (therefore Neanderthal) stone-age tools, I found this description of a left-handed axe, made of jasper, that “fits like a glove in the left hand only:”

Natural openings in the jasper used as finger pockets. Ingenious and masterfully executed grip design with finger pockets on BOTH sides and a round, bulbous proximal end to distribute impact shock across entire palm.

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