Book: Pooh and the Millenium by John Tyerman Williams

With a perfectly staight “face” and using the logic of the genre, John Tyerman Williams analyzes Winnie the Pooh and The House on Pooh Corner as Ursinian Texts that reveal mystical truths of the Great Bear in the modes of astrology, alchemy, Druids, Arthurian mysteries, the Noah myth, Hermetical truths, tarot, scriptural analysis, the Qabalah, and the female mysteries. The author demonstrates many examples of strained logic, quote mining, special pleading, mystical interpretation, and selective use of random facts to create an apparent pattern.

Here’s a sample:

“Pooh’s search for honey obviously symbolizes the alchemist’s search for gold–the honey-colored metal–and for the honey of truth and spiritual achievement. Still more obviously than the [bees’] tree, the balloon symbolizes the ascent to the higher regions of knowledge and virtue, free from all earthbound trammels”

I think that my favorite section title is “Kanga as Demeter.”

Here’s a bit from the introduction: …[an under-]

Pooh  Bear as mystic figure

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