Science is a team sport

I’m shamelessly re-purposing this from a blog comment I made elsewhere.

Speaking of making it all up oneself, how many people worked on Dembski’s or Behe’s books? I was looking at Richard Dawkins’ “The Ancestor’s Tale” this morning, reflecting that I’ve only blogged about 2 of our 45 ancestors, and noticed that he did not pull it all out from under his hat.

He credits two researchers, Yan Wong and Sam Turvey; critical readers Mark Ridley and Peter Holland; his editor, Latha Menon; Michael Yudkin, Mark Griffith, Steve Simpson, Angela Douglas, George McGavin, Jack Pettigrew, George Barlow, Colin Blakemore, John Mollon, Henry Bennet-Clark, Robin Elisabeth Cornwell, Lindell Bromham, Mark Sutton, Bethia Thomas, Eliza Howlett, Tom Kemp, Malgosia Nowak-Kemp, Richard Fortey, Derek Siveter, Alex Freeman, Nicky Warren, A. V. Grimstone, Allen Cooper, and Christine DeBlase-Ballstadt in his Acknowledgments. Others are acknowledged in the notes at the back of the book. He has an 18-page list of cited papers and reference books. The meat of the book is over 600 pages long. He didn’t just sit down and make up some rhetorical smart remarks. The book is packed with facts, new learning, charts, illustrations, and solid biological concepts along with evidence and discussion. It’s truly a tour de force.


3 Responses to “Science is a team sport”

  1. Edward Baker Says:

    The amount of good scientifically sound references a resource has is often a surprisingly good measure of how good that resource is.

    The Ancestors Tale is an excellent book, and allows Dawkins’ true passion to shine through.

    My Blog: In Defence of Reason

  2. LotStreetWiz Says:

    I’m not sure I’d want to invite Professor Dawkins to a cocktail party, though.

  3. monado Says:

    Oh, I don’t know; that ‘I know everything’ attitude is pretty common. He’s probably entertaining enough in conversation.

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