Books: Monkey Girl has arrived

My presents arrived today: a copy of Monkey Girl, a movie of March of the Penguins, and as a special treat, the book March of the Penguins. For your pleasure, here’s a a link to a rveiew of Monkey Girl by Kit R. Roane,a senior writer with U.S. News & World Report:

“Although Humes attempts to keep an even keel in reporting on this maelstrom, he clearly has a hard time finding much good to say about some of evolution’s opponents, expressing amazement at the “near-total incuriosity and ignorance” of a board member who admitted “chirpily” on the stand that she was opposed to a science she didn’t understand and was helping to ram through a creationist textbook she had never actually read. Such displays, he adds, shocked even the presiding judge, a conservative jurist and devout Christian — and, indeed, he ended by ruling against the school board.”

Speaking of religion and society, tonight I went to hear Ayaan Hirsi Ali at one of our local Indigo bookstores. When the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered for producing the film “Submission,” about the Muslim religion from the point of view of women, her name was pinned to his chest with a knife. It was her screenplay. She is now living in the U.S. and there were police at the talk (and book-signing) to guard her.

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