Big Pork threatens mother promoting breast milk

This would be funny if it weren’t true. A stay-at-home mother who posted an image of a T-shirt suggesting that breast milk is the other white milk has received a letter from the U.S. National Pork Board threatening to sue her for infringing on their use of the phrase “the other white meat.” I hope she just ignores them. Lawyers can be hired to write letters telling people that they should leave their rental accommodations because the landlord wants to sell the house. In Canada, that is not a valid reason to ask someone to leave: the house must be sold with a sitting tenant and it is up to the next owner to request them to leave if the space is needed for their own family. But people panic at the sight of the lawyer’s letter and move without a fuss. I sincerely hope that the Pork Marketing Board gets over itself. In the meantime:

  • “Soap flakes–the other white snow.”
  • “Latex–the other white paint.”
  • “Ivory–the other white soap.”
  • “Wiarton Willie–the other white groundhog.”

Sue me.

And now, they’re showing their jerkitude again: “ThinkGeek apologizes to Big Pork.”


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