Religions: I-Kuan Tao

From Wikipedia:

I-Kuan Tao, also Yi Guan Dao, or usually initialized as IKT (一貫道, translated as the Unity Sect) is a new religious movement that originated in twentieth-century China. At the same time it incorporates much older elements from Confucianism, Taoism, and Chinese Buddhism, and recognizes the validity of non-Chinese religious traditions such as Christianity and Islam as well. For this reason it is often classified as a syncretistic or syncretic sect, along with other similar religions in the Xiantiandao (Way of Former Heaven family (see link below).
“I-Kuan Tao says they are a moralistic society, with objective to save all human from the last calamity. The members are obliged to follow morality practices such as:

  • The “five ethics” and “eight virtues” (from Confucianism)
  • Vegetarianism, and abstinence from alcohol and tobacco (as in Chinese Buddhism)
  • Conversion or Initiation of new member into “Tao” (analogous to Buddha nature in Ch’an)
  • Daily prayer (2~3 times)
  • Attending religious classes, ceremony or Moralistic Lecture, which also include Ceremony of Offerings, Prayers, etc.
  • Chanting scriptures (as in all Chinese religious movements and faiths)

Followers of I-Kuan Tao are encouraged to convert and initiate new members, practice “vegetarianism and open temples or shrines at their homes.”


  • Ming Ming Shang Ti (明明上帝), “Clear (Luminous) Emperor on High” — analogous to the Judeo-Christian God. Also referred to as Wuji Laomu (無極老母), the “Ancient Mother of Limitless Heaven”. She (or he) is the high being who transcends all the lesser gods of the Chinese pantheon. The roughly translated full name of this deity is The Clear Brilliant God Immeasurable, The Void, Most Revered Ultimate Divinity, True Ruler of The Universe and All Living Beings.
  • Maitreya (彌勒佛), the next Buddha to succeed the historical Sakyamuni Buddha and who has come already according to I-Kuan Tao; Maitreya was reincarnated as Lu Zhong Yi.
  • Guan Yin, (觀世音菩薩) the Bodhisattva of Mercy. In I-Kuan Tao, she is referred as The Ancient Buddha of the South Sea (南海古佛).
  • Ji Gong, (濟公活佛), known as Living Buddha Ji Gong (Huofo Shizun) a lecherous Zen Buddhist monk revered as a reincarnation of an Arhat. Zhang Tian Ran, the founder, is believed to be the reincarnation.
  • Yue Hui, (月慧菩薩) is the Moon Wisdom Bodhisattva who was reincarnated as Sun Su Zhen, the matriarch of I-Kuan Tao.
  • Guan Yu (關聖帝君) (also called Guan Gong or Guan Ti), an apotheosized Chinese general from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms who is commonly worshipped in Chinese temples, both Buddhist and Taoist. He is a Heavenly Guardians against evil. I-Kuan Tao honors him as the commander of the precepts together with Lü Dongbin, Zhang Fei (Three Kingdoms) and Yue Fei.


  • Lu Zhong Yi (路中一), the 17th Patriarch of I-Kuan Tao. He was believed to be the incarnation of Maitreya. He attained the title in 1905 when God mandated him to continue the Tao lineage.
  • Zhang Tian Ran (張天然), the official founder of I-Kuan Tao, was the 18th patriarch. He was believed to be the incarnation of Ji Gong, and became Tianran Ancient Buddha after his passing.
  • Sun Su Zhen (孫素真), the I-Kuan Tao 18th matriarch and the wife in name to Zhang Tian Ran. She was believed to be the incarnation of Yue Hui Bodhisattva and became Zhonghua Holy Mother after her passing.”

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  1. Recent religions « Science Notes Says:

    […] I-Kuan Tao (20th C.) […]

    • Sumerland Says:

      The name Tao is not Chinese at all. It is epithet of king Uruka Gina, father of Sargon the Great, 2857- 2780 who ruled the world between 2795&2780.
      The Sumerian origin Ta-O, meaning Holy or Pure land, The Jodo Land for the Japanese, The Shambala for Buddhists. Ta-Wi is the ancient Sumerian name of Egypt, meaning Land of the Wise.
      Confu is the title of Tao’s son, Sargon. The “Con” is Akkadian for the king’s surname Sar Gon or King Gon. The word “Fu” means wise in Chinese.

      The Buddhist could not find any clear meaning for the “Shamballa” because it is not Sanskrit in origin but Akkadian agglutinative compound word:-

      1-Sha: means King
      2- Am:means Holy
      3- Baal: An imperial title means the “Sacred Emperor”.
      4- La means Vice King or Queen. Thus, the general meaning of Shamballa is ‘the Holy King, Sacred Emperor of kings.

  2. Sumerland Says:

    You got it all wrong. Buddha was not an Indian Sage who taught philosophy but an Sumerian prince, king and emperor Uruka Gina 2795-2780 who held the Sumerian title Budu, meaning a serpent- the symbol of wisdom and and long age. That Emperor peacefully conquered the word by his divine message. In Anatolia he was worshipped as god Shivini (Shiva), god Amitab (Amitabha) and lord Butu. The letters T& D are interchangeable in ancient languages, like the R&L, T&TH, S&SH nad TH&Z.
    In Egypt he was worshipped as OSIRIS, the Sumerian words meaning The Holy Spirit Sage Lord: O-SIR-IS and his wife Isis, meaning Lady of Ladies in Sumerian IS IS. He is also the Pharaoh Puru II and the same name is found in the Aryan Kings List in the Indus Valley. The Norse, Vikings and Germans worshipped as God Odin, Oden. In Lativia as god Udino.

    He is king and god Dushara of Ancient Arabs, King Dosaris of the Greek and King Dashrath, father of Rama. Dashrath is the first, classical and historical Buddha

    Rama’s name is derived from the Sumerian royal title of King Sargon the Great Ram, meaning “The Shepherd”.
    Sargon, god Enki: Lord of Earth, is the son of Uruka Gina or Dashrath as clearly mentioned in the “Declaration of Humanity” of Uruka Gina as one person. Sargon the Great is the Second, Sorlar, Golden and Real Buddha. He has more that 400 titles and names in all ancient civilizations.

    Uruka Gina was worshipped as god Vira Choca, Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan in the civilizations of the Maya, Inca and Aztec. Maya his wife in the Americas, Indus Valley, Egypt and Greece. He is Zarathustra or Zoroaster the fathe in Persia.

    I have studied the life of the father and the son who both triggered the Golden Age in all ancient civilizations and wrote over 1040 pages about them, their, wives, sons, brothers, wars, teaching and their divine message of the father as Messenger Johna of God and his son as Prophet Job in the Totah, the Bible and the Quran.

    They created One world Empire based on piety and the worship on One God Only from 2791-2004B.C., documented in the Babylonian Tablets as the ”ENKI AND THE ANCIENT WORLD ORDER”.

    He is “Sargon King of Atlantis” as engraved in Sumerian Cuneiform language on a ceramic bowl duged on the Andes Mountains 3800m high and know kept in the Bolivian Museum.

    He is “Sargon King of Atlantida” as engraved on an ancient Greek copper cup in Greece. They we the Atlanteans who built the civilization on Earth, not a legend but a true fact.

    the word Atlantis is a Sumerian Agglutinative word OF 4 words:-
    1- Atal: means might, trong, powerful
    2-An: means “Sky” in Sumerian and a title of Uruka Gina as god An or Anu (Sky God)
    3-Ti or Ki both mean Earth. The letters T& K were interchangeable in ancient languages.
    4- Is (pronounced i:s ): means Lord
    The whole meaning of the word is
    “The Mighty Lord of Sky & Earth”

    The word Anunnaki in Sumerian literary means ” Sons of An & Ki “, i.e. sons of the emperor and the empress. Z. Sitchin translation of the word “The who came from heaven to earth” is false and his translations were discredited by Oxford University. His books aim to destroy all divine religions by one blow of one theory originated in 1969 in the book of Chariots of the Gods by Eric Von Daniken, serving the project the New World Order to worship the incarnation of Satan on Earth, King Nimrod (Kesh Rava), Jabalon, Baal, Marduk, Humbaba, Huwawa or Yhvh.

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