Dog exercise carts

Exercise isn’t just for people; a new design for a lightweight, one-dog cart has enabled this dog to come back to health from hip dysplasia. Follow the link for more information.

In our energy-conscious days, we should consider using dogs as small draft animals. Imagine your groceries or newspapers delivered by dog cart.

LINK: Graham Carriage Works, Canine Carriages


8 Responses to “Dog exercise carts”

  1. LotStreetWiz Says:

    This all arose becasue I was watching The Importanc of Being Earnest for the umpteenth time, and asked Monado what a dog cart was. (A dog cart is summoned to take Algernon, pretending to be Ernest, to the station, and then dismissed … oh, never mind.) She showered me (& our granddaughter) for an hour with Web findings on dog carts. :-)

    By the way, wasn’t it the use of dogs as draft animals that led to the British statutes against cruelty to animals—and the slaughter of thousands of now useless animals?

  2. monado Says:

    The horse-drawn carriage called a “dog cart” was originally one with a ventilated box under the seats so that men could carry their dogs with them, especially, I gather, dogs to dog-fights. There was another kind of cart called the “cocking cart,” which had compartments under the seats for carrying fighting cocks. However, the dog cart developed many variations: I’ve seen both two-wheeled and four-wheeled. They all seem to have rather high seats so perhaps there is still a storage space (or kennel) underneath.

    The other kind of “dog carts” are pulled by dogs. Milk, groceries, fresh fish, and other cargoes were delivered by dog-cart. And you’re right: at some point the authorities taxed draft dogs and many were killed by families who couldn’t pay the tax. I suppose after that the children pulled the carts.

  3. LotStreetWiz Says:

    Famously, the British Parliament passed the Cruelty to Animals Act in 1835—and outlawed cruelty to children in 1889.

  4. Candice Says:

    I am interested in purchasing a dog exercise cart as pictured on your website. Any suggestions on where to purchase that cart? Thank you, Candice

  5. monado Says:

    I’ve no idea. I suggest that you run a Web search on the phrase and see what comes up. That’s probably what I did.

  6. monado Says:

    Hang on… It’s from my old blog and importing the posts lost all links that were in the article titles. Here it is in the blogger version archive for October 2006: Graham Carriage Works, Canine Carriages.

  7. Debra McPhate Says:

    I’m looking for 2 person cart that my siberian husky can pull

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