Vedic Creationists

Another kind of creationist is asking that science prove that the earth is eternal.

The article says:

…[I.D. creationists] have found enthusiastic allies among the Hare Krishnas, followers of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), who have been actively propagating their theory of “Vedic creationism”, “Krishna creationism”, or “Hindu creationism”, as it is sometimes called. Vedic creationism is attracting friendly attention from both the old-fashioned Biblical creationists and the new-fangled I.D.-creationists. And Vedic creationists, in turn, are doing their best to encourage and support all varieties of creationism. 


…the ideas of Vedic creationism – the enormous time spans, the cyclical yugas, the day and night of Brahma, the creation of new species as a result of transmigration of the Atman – are obviously better known in India…. 

What do Vedic creationists believe? Follow the link to read Meera Nanda’s detailed article.

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2 Responses to “Vedic Creationists”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    My husband, Jonathan Edelmann is studying science and religion, focusing his research on Vaishnavism, if you are interested you can visit our blog at: or write him directly:

  2. Religions: Jainism « Science Notes Says:

    […] rather than specific sectarian practice. The ahimsa is the symbol of non-violence. See also: Vedic Creationists. Next: Zeus makes a […]

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