Rapid speciation

How it might happen: The Plausibility of Life: Resolving Darwin’s Dilemma

What’s observed to be happening:

In the “There’s more to explore” category:

The artist Henry Moore drew many pictures of the people sleeping in subway stations and tunnels during World War II to escape from the bombing of London. They were preyed upon by the mosquitoes that lived in the Underground.

Happy Darwin Day!

Today is the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday.

He published his Origin of Species in 1858. Since then, the explanation of evolution has been expanded and refined in ways that he never dreamed–after all, he went to his grave never hearing of Gregor Mendel’s laws of inheritance.

here are a few links to Darwin Day celebrations around the world:
The Evolution of a Compromise: “The Rev. Richard E. Edwards will not mince words in his sermon today about God and Charles Darwin, the 19th century naturalist whose theory of evolution rocked the world. ‘I want to reaffirm the compatibility of Biblical tradition and modern science,’ said Edwards, pastor of Stony Brook Community Church, a small, Methodist congregation that draws members from the nearby university and medical center. ‘This is a community where science counts, and where folks really need to hear that.'”
Churches Celebrate Darwin’s Birthday
Happy Birthday to Great Liberators Whose Struggle Continues Today (Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin)

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