Reviews of Michael Behe’s “Darwin’s Black Box”

Darwin’s Black Box, has been reviewed at these sites:

  • CBS
  • Nature magazine: goes to a dead link on “Discovery Institute” Web site
  • The American Scientist (“the magazine of Sigma Xi”). Index of book reviews by issue back to 1998 does not have “Darwin’s Black Box.” It does have two negative reviews of ID books:
  • from The New Scientist: Page not found, A search for “Behe” on 60,000 articles and letters published since 1987, produced several results but no reviews of “Darwin’s Black Box.
  • from Scientific American: Page not found. A search on “Behe” anywhere in an article, going back to 1993 and forward to Jan. 2006, produced nothing.
  • from The American Spectator from 1996: an article from a non-scientist saying that it sounds plausible and that we don’t know the origins of any major mammal groups. I guess that fellow was behind the door in the early 90s when the magnificent series of whale fossils was discovered documenting their transition from land to water.
  • from Wall Street Journal: a dead link on the “Discovery Institute” Web site

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