Intelligent Design for malaria

This just in: malaria is intelligently designed to subvert the human immune system. Or cleverly evolved.

I can count on my weekly e-mail from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for interesting research news. In this article, they explain that malaria, the scourge of hummankind, randomly cycles through expressing one of 60 different proteins. As a result, each generation of malaria parasites has a few individuals who escape an alerted immune system.

Lessons from God’s design:
– there’s more where that came from (number of fertilized eggs that miscarry)
– God is very fond of beetles (80% of all insects)
… and catfish (5,000 species or 1 in every 20 vertebrates)
– God hates us (malaria, disease-injecting viruses, etc.)

I just learned this: The single-celled parasite that causes malaria is descended from algae. We know that because it contains the remnants of a chloroplast.


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  1. S E E Quine Says:

    ` Why can’t God just leave us alone already? Sheesh!

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