Imaginary dinosaur found on cave wall

archy has posted a description of creationist “proof positive” that humans, mammoths, and dinosaurs shared the landscape, detected in a couple of random lumps on a cave wall. See for yourself: this area of random erosion, which Jack Cuozzo calls a “cave painting,” is a Rorsach blot. He can see the “proof” that he was looking for and I can make cloud pictures:
What does it look like to you, without his prompting? I can make a strong case for an image of the Flying Spaghetti Monster….
(image from
He thinks it is a mammoth fighting a dinosaur. My cave image is of lower resolution than the original, so see archy’s original post and analysis.

Postscript: This is the blobbiest actual cave painting of a mammoth that I could find. It’s still recognizable, unlike the “creationist proof” version. Quick! Which side is the dinosaur on in the “confrontation” image?

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