Science news of the year: Evolution in Action

In a number of research areas, scientists continued to unravel the genetic bases for evolutionary change and made major discoveries. Follow the link for an overview.


Good thought

Jim Kakalios, a professor at the University of Minnesota, says:

“The Bible, the Koran, the Torah, contain all the answers we could look for to questions of the heart. But to the question of how the world actually works, it has been shown to be inadequate. I would no more look to design a cellphone by consulting scripture than I would ask the question of how I would treat my fellow man by looking in a calculus textbook.”

All about elephants

Over fifty million years, there have been more than 350 species in order Proboscidea.

Follow the link for a quick overview of elephants’ evolution.

(picture: mammoth painted on a cave wall in Rouffignac, France)

See also Elephants evolve to avoid poachers.

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