Tangled Bank #43 at Rural Rambles

It’s time for the 43rd collection of ‘blog articles in science and medicine from the Tangled Bank, hosted by Rural Rambles.

[photo by Mona Albano—our local tangled bank of sumachs]


Deep Green news, 2003

Deep Green is the Green Plant Phylogeny Research Coordination Group.

A five-year effort to reconstruct the evolutionary relationships among all green plants has resulted in the most complete “tree of life” of any group of living things on the planet, including animals.

The up-to-date family tree has revealed several surprises about the evolution of green plants, such as how they emerged from the sea onto land and how they are related to the four other major kingdoms: the brown plants, the red plants, the fungi and the animals.

Specifically, the team has overturned the traditional belief that the so-called “land-plant invasion” was led by seawater plants. Instead, the research team has found that primitive freshwater plants provided the ancestral stock from which all green plants now on land are descended, and that this ancestor spawned every green plant now alive on earth.

Their results were input into the Tree of Life project.

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