Simplest multicellular animal

photo of multicellular animal like a flat lichen
Intelligent Design apologists talking about the “irreducible complexity” never mention this little fellow. It is the simplest multicellular animal with the simplest DNA.

“…no head, no sense organs, no nervous system, no gut, just a collection of cells that hang together and slurp up algal slime. They are, however, multicellular, and their bodies contain at least four functionally distinct cell types, and the molecular evidence suggests affinities to other animal groups (they have a ProtoHox /ParaHox gene, for instance)… so they are definitely metazoans.”

See the link below for more about Trichoplax on Pharyngula, including pictures, such as the one I stole from Pharyngula. Also, check out Richard Howey’s article about finding and growing Trichplax and the research questions surrounding it.

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